HAMESPUN TALES - spinning stories for all

Born and brought up in Fife and with a background in early years and primary education, I have officially been storytelling for over 8 years, although from a young child I was always spinning tales. My passion for  stories began at my granny and grandfather’s knee where I listened to tales “straight frae the mooth”, and continues to this day.
 My particular strength is enthusing and involving younger audiences in the stories using puppets, props and sound-makers. I tell tradition tales in a fresh and fun way with plenty of opportunities for the audience to join in, have a giggle and help the story along.   
I enjoy telling to audiences, small and large, indoors and outdoors, young or of a more senior variety. I believe that there is nothing like a good story to bring people of all ages and backgrounds together.
I am accredited by  the Scottish Storytelling Centre and on their Directory (www.scottishstorytellingcentre.co.uk). 
I'm eligible for live Literature Funding through the Scottish Book Trust Directory
And I'm a  member of Dundee Storytelling group, Blether Tay-gither.
In February 2017 I published a book entitled FIFE FOLKTALES.
I've told stories in a wide variety of venues from theatres to cafes, community centres to museums and in parks, gardens and  at festivals. 
I have celebrated Chinese New Year, St Andrews Day, St Patricks Day and other cultural events in  primary schools and nurseries and contributed to Literacy weeks, Health Weeks and Environmental weeks. 
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